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Is CCleaner supposed to clean AOL history?

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I'm sure it used to but it isn't now. I'm on AOL9 (WinXP Home) and noticed that pictures I had viewed previously on AOL are coming up straight away instead of loading slowly (Dialup <_< ), despite having run CCleaner and restarted computer since I last viewed the pages. I then clicked on the arrow beside the web address box and it shows every web page I've visited for about 2-3 days, even though I've run CC a few times in that period.


I'm sure CCleaner used to clean this - am I wrong?

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I think(tho not completely sure) that the AOL browser uses the Internet Explorer engine meaning that when you clean Internet Explorer is should clean the AOL history etc.


P.S. For a better browsing experience I suggest you switch to Firefox :D. Just click the Firefox button in my sig below.

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AOL store everything you do on their servers. I've noticed this when I've installed the AOL software on other computers then signed in with my Screen name and all my bookmarks, past URLs, email addresses etc have been there.


Then I gave AOL software the boot and connect via a router. These days I use Demon Internet as my ISP. :P

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