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Why is Google Running Ads for Known Malware Sites?


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While researching an antivirus article here at Maximum PC, we noticed something very curious: a Google AdWords link called ?Antivirus xp 2008,? which led to the url ?antivirus-world-2009.com.? (Don't go there)


Anyone who?s been paying attention during the last year or so know that "Antivirus xp 2008" is the name of one of the most widespread and obnoxious bits of malware floating around the internet. It hides itself in your system and launches a bogus antivirus program at intervals to warn you that you?ve got spyware and trojans and the sky is falling. Then, it recommends that you buy the pro version of the program, which presumably also does nothing except rip you off. The virus is frequently updated to evade malware removal tools, and is just generally a pain.

MaximumPC Article

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After having read the magazine for the past two years, I finally joined the forum over there a few months ago. I give a look at their website every day because of those news stories. So, if you ever need technical questions answered that we don't have here, I can always post "I got a friend that has this problem...etc." I know I sound like I'm pimping another forum, but obviously, they are a more general computing help forum compared the forums here which are more based for the support of Piriform's products.


Anyways, they have great articles, this being another one of them.




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Just put the following in your HOSTS file: www.google-analytics.com ad.doubleclick.net edge.quantserve.com

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