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Need a new download site.

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Have you been to download.com today? They changed their format and now its a pain to just browse through the mounds of crap progams that they have. Anyone know any other good sites? Of course I know about tucows,snapfiles, and zdnet.


Also do not tell me to go here :


(I just had a feeling that might have been coming)

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I would highly recommend Fileforum ever since I found it last year some time I have not been back to download.com once. It also keeps a track of all you favourite applications and email's you when there is a update.


My current tracked applications are:



Ad-aware SE Personal

America's Army


avast! Home


CCleaner (Crap Cleaner)


DriverHeaven Driver Cleaner Professional

Dup Detector

DVD Decrypter

Easy CD-DA Extractor



Filemon for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Folding@home for Windows NT/2000/XP

Foxit PDF Reader


Java 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition

Media Player Classic for Windows 2000/XP

Microsoft ActiveSync

Mozilla Firefox for Windows

MSN Messenger for Windows

Nero Burning Rom



nVIDIA ForceWare Drivers for Windows 2000/XP

NVTweak (formerly Coolbits)

OpenOffice.org for Windows

PeerGuardian for Windows 2000/XP/2003


Power Defragmenter

Process Explorer for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

QuickTime Alternative


Real Alternative

Regmon for Windows NT/2000/XP


RK Launcher


Spybot Search and Destroy




Total Uninstall

Ultimate Boot CD Full



Which is every application I have.


Edit: I just went to Download.com :lol: wtf are they doing to that site. I mean check out what fileforum looks like on my pc no adds and all white :D



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Have you been to download.com today?

(I just had a feeling that might have been coming)




Haven't been to download.com "download.com.com" for years since in my views it became crappy years ago, and I certainly won't download anything they host.

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Years ago it went from "download.com" to "download.com.com" and typing in download.com would take you to download.com.com, now they've reversed it. Someone on that site is smoking something.

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I tried Softpedia a year or so ago and while its got a good collection of software I believe Fileforum beats it because of its clean white layout there for its not got a load of flash colours and buttons to load. Also the fact that you can track any number of applications and receive emails when there is a update makes it better. It is better then Dowload.com tho but then most sites are :D that Filehippo has huge potential if it was only to enlarge its database of software and have tracking of programs updates as fileforum does.

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hey englishmen completly off topic but were did you get the litte penguin for your start bar. Could you send me a link or just pm how to get it. :)




Its actual a part of a theme I got from CrystalXp.Net it is the top one. Download it once downloaded extract it and open "Crystal dlb 2" then double click "Crystal dlb 2.msstyles".


I wonder how trust worthy softpedia is. On some of their downloads they have a 100% spyware free gurantee. Curious if that can be trusted.




I believe that Fileforum do not post software that contains spyware etc. Yet on softpedia why would you have the 100% spyware free guarantee on some apps and not others it implies that if it has not got 100% spyware free guarantee stamp on it does contain spyware.

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I hate the sites that need to signup before you can download anything.

Good thing about download.com is that you dont need to signup, and it's pretty fast to download from.


Much of these "download sites" contains much crap like shareware, demos, trials. Software that only work for 30 days then either nags the hell out of you or stops working completly. Software that have limited functionality, example you can open files but not save them, or you can see the settings but you cant change them, etc.


My favourite site is SourceForge. It is not exactly a "download site", but atleast there i get software which is really free, fully functional, and which I can really trust.

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