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Duplicate file finder


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Make CCleaner find duplicate unnecessary files and delete them.

Tankx :rolleyes:


I don't know if this is a good idea because a thorough research for duplicate files can take a lot of time.

On the other side it could be very handy if a fast research for duplicate files by same name is implemented

but I think it isn't a smal feature to implement (add drive select, change file display screen for duplicate file selection, add main search code and maybe other changes are needed).





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I love CCleaner IPB Image

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Try Duplicate Finder to find and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxincluding duplicate images, pictures, mp3s or any type of files.


Advance marking system lets you select files by date, size, and several other criteria. Duplicate files can be deleted, moved, or copied.


Duplicate Finder search duplicates using byte by byte or crc32 to give you most accurate and faster results.


Good interface with lots of features.


Try it free:xxxxxxxxxxx

It is not Free and costs $26.00 for the full version.

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Removing duplicates can very easily cause the dreaded reinstallation of programs or worse Windows itself. From prior years past experience I won't touch duplicate finders anymore as it's a sure fire way of causing issues.

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This has to be a wind up $26.00 for Personal License?? lmfao @ the awards page.

It's spam they hit elsewhere with the same crap posting via web site IP address.


Richard S.

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I recommend xxxxxxxx. This is program for finding duplicate files, such as photo files, music files, and image files. It has the following ways to search for duplicate files: search by content, search by properties, files with a zero size.



Spam link removed along with poster: DD

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Yet another (yawn) boring file cloning detection tool for your Windows operating system.

It maybe free download but not free software and frankly anyone who thinks it's okay to charge hideously high prices (e.g. Site license $357.90) for a basic program needs a reality check.


I think i'll pass and use I use NirSoft's HashMyFiles or SearchMyFiles instead. :D


Richard S.

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