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Lewis Hamilton


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All hail the boy genius.


The young black kid from a council estate in Stevenage is now the king of F1.


Long may he reign.

It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine. P. G. Wodehouse

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I don't get into all the "black" comments, and would just wish people would call him a good driver which he definitely is, however it is a milestone of first evers in F1 racing without a doubt.


The last lap of the GP was really something when Vettel was all over and eventually drove right past McLaren's Hamilton I had thought Hamilton's championship contention was lost for two years in a row because he had no real response against STR's Vettel who was driving like there was a flame under his backside, then when Toyota's Glock lost out due to not changing tires - oh what a hair raiser.


After the race Ferrari's Massa almost looked as if he was about to cry in his car after he must have been told on the team radio of Hamilton's fifth place finish which won him the championship.


It was really ashame that Red Bull's Coulthard got taken out by both Williams cars, I would've liked to have seen more of the livery on DC's car, and what an unfortunate way to end his F1 career.

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That was the most exciting finish I've ever seen in an F1 race. I was out of my seat when Vettel got past Hamilton, and then gutted when Hamilton got past Glock. :(


You may gather I'm not a fan of Hamilton. I've been rooting for Phillipe Massa for most of the season. Damn, soooo close.

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