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I have just formated my dell laptop, Win XP Home, I have moved the My Documents folder to another logical drive.


Hopefully this doens't span too many different topics, but here goes for now:


1) Some time after the format i now how an unknown User Account on my computer which was definetly not there before the format/ re-install of all my apps. The user name in question is "ASP.NET Machine A..." - has anyone ever heard of this happening or have any idea what this could be? I havn't accessed the internet yet since the format so i'm pretty sure its due to one of the programs i installed. Paint.net asked me to instal the .net thingy (sorry can't recall what its called..i think its called framework) anyway, it never asked me the time before so could this have been the problem?



2) This is more of an iTunes question, i used to have a Skins folder in my itunes folder, but now after re-instal its not there? any suggestions?



3) I have all my hidden and systems files visible, is it normal to have the same file " desktop.ini" in EVERY folder on my comp?


4) I've been re-organizing my start menu, what does it mean when you try to move something and it pops up and says something like "moving this folder will affect all users" ? Also, after moving certian things, other folders became empty, eg. games and entertainment became empty after i moved something (not sure what i moved? i moved alot)



hopefully some of you computer guru's can help me out with some of these issues, thankx

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  1. The .NET profile is due to .NET framework, etc. Required/made by MS.
  2. Personally I wouldn't use iTunes. The skins folder will probably come back when you install skins.
  3. Perfectly normal. It contains the settings for each folder.
  4. Some Program folders from the Start Menu are places in the All Users directory within the Documents and Settings folder.


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1.) Start, Run..., net user aspnet /delete

It will not affect performance or usability in any way, shape, or form.





that cmd didn't work, does the name maybe have to be exactly the same as its writen on my comp?


also, just like to says thankx to both of you for your quick replys, you guys compliment each other great, after reading Taruns post i was just about to ask "well can i delete it then?" then i read DJ's and bam, there was the answer, thankx again

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That's the only way to phrase the command. It just flashes a dialog for a split second [which says that it deleted it successfully] and goes away. I use Start, Run... methods of doing things for people around here because it's so much easier.

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