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Defraggler v1.04


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For Halloween we're releasing a new Defraggler.

This version adds 16 new languages and fixes various bugs reported in our forum.


Download it now!


Defraggler v1.04


  • Multi-language release (16 new languages!).
  • Improved handling of daily schedules.
  • Fixed bug that could file defrag to be very slow.
  • Improved logging of analysis methods.
  • Loads of performance improvements.
  • Loads of bug fixes.



Download now from www.defraggler.com


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Great!!! thanks!!!


Betatesting a life!


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Hi guys. This version of defraggler caused a file to become corrupted. I backed up an image of my c drive to my d drive, which is a fat32 the c drive is a ntfs drive and the backup drive is a fat32 drive.

I ran defraggler and selected the fat32 drive, it told me that a file called xp.4 was fragmented, so I told defraggler to defragment it. Then I left it running over night. In the morning when I looked it said that no files were defragmented, but I discovered later that the xp.4 file was corrupted, and a chkdsk /f found some lost chains and converted them to files.

There were some very important files in that backup and I've lost them and I am very angry!

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To bad Dedraggler doesn't work with Win98. Guess I'll have to stick with the regular C: drive one :(.

The WinME defrag works much better on Win98:


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