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CCleaner usability with multiple partitions


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i'm reformatting my comp and i'm thinking of having programs and my documents on separate partitons. will CCleaner recognize where all the stuff is if there all over the place on my computer?


for example: Probably gonna have c: drive, then programs on d: drive, then my documents on another drive. will CCleaner still work the same with this set-up?

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I don't know if what I experienced has any relevance to what you're wanting to do, if not just ignore it, however I use some of Speek's Frontends for command-line audio encoders, command-line decoders, etc., that all of a sudden didn't work correctly after I moved them to D:\. I couldn't add files to encode, decode, etc., which had me a little perplexed for a short while. After I moved them back to C:\ they all of a sudden started working correctly again.

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