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msi live update

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found this on another website




MSI Live Update ReleaseDate: 2005-4-13




Version 3.70 Support OS All Windows File size 3.477MB





? Online update BIOS/Driver/Firmware/Utility.

? Live Monitor auto-detects and suggests the latest BIOS/Driver/Utilities information.

? AP Version: 3.70 (2005/04/13)





what do you think??

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I love Live Update for MSI boards; I use it when I don't want to be bothered figuring out which particular MSI board something is and having to manually download and install all the files. As for updating drivers, yes. Only upgrade them if something's wrong.

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I just said I love Live Update :P

By the way, I work at a computer shop, so I'm referring to when I work on PCs. When an MSI motherboard is in a particular system, I use MSI Live Update :P

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