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Keeping spyware/AV apps up to date

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The best way I found to stay up to date with all my programs is become a member of FileForum which is free you can then search for a app on there site and click "Add to Watch List" you then receive a email whenever there is a update to that specified program.


My current tracked program list which is every program I have. Today I received email about a update to Autoruns, Peerguardian & Firefox. Yesterday there was a update to nLite.



Ad-aware SE Personal

America's Army


avast! Home


CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) :-)


DriverHeaven Driver Cleaner Professional

Dup Detector

DVD Decrypter

Easy CD-DA Extractor



Event Log Explorer

Filemon for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

Folding@home for Windows NT/2000/XP

Foxit PDF Reader


Java 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition

Media Player Classic for Windows 2000/XP

Microsoft ActiveSync

Mozilla Firefox for Windows

MSN Messenger for Windows

Nero Burning Rom



nVIDIA ForceWare Drivers for Windows 2000/XP

NVTweak (formerly Coolbits)

OpenOffice.org for Windows

PeerGuardian for Windows 2000/XP/2003


Power Defragmenter

Process Explorer for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

QuickTime Alternative


Real Alternative

Regmon for Windows NT/2000/XP


RK Launcher


Spybot Search and Destroy




Total Uninstall


Ultimate Boot CD Full


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;) Hi all........Perhaps most of you are familiar with this but.......a great site for keeping all your STUFF up to date. Cheers, Lyle



Calendar of Updates has moved to a new Server and its IP address has not propagated out to the DNS Servers so until it does then this is a good board to see application updates.


I use

  • WinXP Home SP2 on my 2.4GHZ P4 system

  • WinME on my 500MHZ Pentium III system

  • Windows Defender on my 2.4GHZ P4 system

  • WinPatrol I was so impressed with the Scotty watchdog I purchased the PLUS upgrade

  • AVG Free anti virus it has never found anything

  • HostsMan and HostsServer to manage hpHOSTS and MVPS HOSTS files

  • APC Battery backup for my P4 system as there have been a few 10 second power blips here

  • MWSnap for screen captures


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Apart from my AV and spyware apps, I'm not really that bothered about updating the rest.


Before I switch off my PC at the end of the night, I run CCleaner and then go through my security programs one by one checking for updates. It takes about a minute, and is part of my "getting ready for bed" routine.


I always disable any auto update features. Call me paranoid, burt I hate applications just connecting at random (or otherwise) to the net without my explicit permission. Apart from anything else I might not want the update. No different than windows updates.

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