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CRC error and aborting


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Maybe this is more of a suggestion than a bug, but...


If Recuva hits a CRC error while scanning (which is likely if you're trying to recover from a disaster), it aborts.


I'm trying to recover files from a formatted HD, and Recuva reports CRC errors. However, when I run scandisk /r /x, it finds no CRC errors.


Any idea why Recuva is reporting CRC errors where scandisk doesn't report them?


I've run in debug mode, but the generated log file is 4GB (3MB compressed), so to large to upload here...


PS: I usable recovery method would be to either to continue scanning but log the CRC errors and indicate what files were affected by the problem sector, or prompt the user (way less friendly, as there could be lots of prompting on a flakey drive) and allow them the option to continue scanning.

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