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Convert 3gp to avi with 3gpToRawAvi converter() site will provide program to go the other way)


Download the 3gpToRawAvi converter from here:



Unzip 3gpToRawAvi.zip and move folder '3gpToRawAvi' to, for instance, C:\3gpToRawAvi.

Move a .3gp movie file you want to convert to the same folder (C:\3gpToRawAvi).

Then go to the command window:

1. Click on the Start button

2. Click on Run

3. Type in "cmd" and click OK to display the dos window

4. If you're not in C:\> go to C:\> by typing "c:" followed by Enter

5. In C:\> go to C:\3gpToRawAvi> by typing "cd 3gpToRawAvi" followed by Enter

6. In C:\3gpToRawAvi> type "3gptorawavi -o " followed by Enter

Note: Replace with the .3gp file name without the .3pg extension and with the .avi file name of your choice. Eg. "3gptorawavi Video1 -o Video2"

7. The new raw avi file will be placed in the same folder.


Note: A bit of experimentation shows that, on XP anyway, 3gpToRawAvi won't work if it's folder, or any of it's parent folders have a space in the name. For instance if 3gpToRawAvi is in "D:\documents and settings\" or in any folder within "D:\documents and settings\" then you'll get an error when you try to run it.

If it isn't broke, tweak it.

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Nextreaming provides 3GPP encoder, server, and handset solutions.


3gp is a file format which is used in mobile phones to store media (audio/video). This file format is a simpler version of "ISO 14496-1 Media Format". MOV (used by QuickTime) is also a format which follows similar file format. This format can only carry video encoded as MPEG-4 or H.263. Audio is stored in AMR-NB or AAC-LC formats.

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