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Emptying Custom Folders

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I'm new to CCleaner after using EmptyTempFolders for ages, but thought I'd switch as this cleans Firefox, and that one doesn't get updated anymore.


My problem is that I have a small partition set aside as a temp drive, where I can throw any junk, and unzip files to, that sort of thing. I tried adding it to custom folders, but the program won't let me add a root folder. So I tried adding a folder within that partition, then editing the registry to change it to the root. CCleaner didn't complain, and it's listed in the custom folders section. But on cleaning, nothing was removed from the partition.


So I created a temp folder in my temp partition, but it didn't clean the contents of that either. Am I missing something to get custom folders cleaned? I've turned off the 'delete after 48 hours option', so it's not that.


Also, although it's a bad idea to allow users to add a root folder, there are circumstances (like mine) where you need to. How about allowing users to add them, but show a big warning saying it's a REALLY BAD IDEA, just to scare off the wary. :D


Another option I'd like to see is an option to change the length of time before deleting files after 48 hours. Specifically, I'd like it to delete anything dated before today, not 24 hours, but anything before midnight.


Anyway, great program, and provided I can get custom folders working, I honestly don't think I'll be switching back.

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It's a good thing CCleaner won't do this, it's not a shoot yourself in the foot type of program! I can only imagine the kind of comments people would write after it deleted everything.


If you are placing files in the rootdir the only solution I see is to create a batch file that will delete all files on that tempdisk, or create a batch file that will quick format the disk.


Automatted delete information for usage in a .bat file can be found by opening a command prompt and typing in: del /?


Automatted format information for usage in a .bat file can be found by opening a command prompt and typing in: format /?


I suppose you could even use a standard shortcut for quick formatting the disk.

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OK, so in the wrong hands this could lead to disaster. But as I've said, a warning will deter most people. Also, safeguards could be used too, such as not allowing the user to add the partition used in %systemroot% and other environment variables, or partitions containing the likes of 'Windows', 'Program Files', 'Documents and Settings', or 'My Documents' folders. Categorically saying its wrong is wrong in itself, there are many precautions to prevent such disaster.


Secondly, this doesn't solve my 'Custom Folders' problem; it doesn't work (for me, at least). As I said, I have created a temp folder on the temp partition and added it to the 'Custom Folders' page, but CCleaner will not empty it.

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