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User Profile not loading after CCleaner run

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I ran CCleaner (v2.12.660) for the first time yesterday. After a reboot, when I log in, I get a message that Windows could not load my profile. Clicking OK to proceed logs me into a totally uncustomized session. When I check the %USERPROFILE% environment variable, it points to C:\Documents and Settings\TEMP.


My older user profile folder still exists, but is not being used for some reason. Logging out and back in does not help either.


Please help.

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I dont know of any quick cures. Since other user accounts work and your able to login to Windows, I would say that there is a problem with the HKCU registry hive. Could also be due to multiple files having been removed from your user profile.


Create a new user profile. Logon and copy your personal files from the old non-functional profile into your new one. The important thing is to rescue your personal stuff. Bookmarks, documents, email etc. Might also be a good idea to backup those files to another location just to be safe.


In the end you'll have to reinstall a few apps. The %UserProfile% variable being changed makes sense. Are you trying to login to the non-functional account?


Aside from running CC what else did you do durring that session?


How to recover the damaged user profile in Windows XP


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