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Is it possible to achieve total uninstallation?


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Sometimes, after I uninstall a software, the folder of the program still exists in C:\Program Files, and there are always some leftover files in it. Besides, the software also left some of its files in C:\Program Files\Common Files folder. So there are a lot of junk left on my system even though I have uninstalled the software. Is it possible for CCleaner to achieve a total, complete and clean uninstallation for a software?

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Currently with CCleaner alone the answer is no.


The only solution is to use an installation watching program such as InCtrl5, Total Uninstall, or the installation watcher in System Mechanic however all three programs are commercial software and must be purchased. InCtrl5 is the less expensive of the bunch, and it's what I've been using for years.


The way I try to remove as much of an uninstalled program is the following:

1. Uninstall the program, and reboot.

2. Backup the registry using ERUNT, and create a System Restore point.

3. Manually delete any folders and files leftover from the installation, being careful not to delete valid Windows system files.

4. Run and rerun the registry cleaning portion until no invalid entries are found using CCleaner, EasyCleaner (avoid the duplicate files finder), and RegSeeker (make damn sure you look at what it removed before rebooting).

5. Manually remove any leftover registry entries that the registry cleaners don't remove using RegEdit. You have to perform searches to find relevant items, and then browse through the registry to manually find other remnants.


Note: Bloated programs for example like Microsoft Office, Norton Antivirus, etc., are difficult and time consuming to remove and may not be possible to completely remove from the registry.

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