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Erase certain filetypes.

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Hey all, great program. Fast and efficient - I like it.


A question though: Is erasing certain filetypes is already on the "to do" list"? It would be great to specify which files to be erased

(eg. *.$$$; *.??~; *.bak; *.gid; *.old; *.tmp, etc...)


Thanks in advance.



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I have requested that feature numerous times as so has everybody else. I'm not 100% sure but by adding that feature it would be near non in possible to simply run cleaner from the recycling context menu because of the chance it will remove files you want. As is CCleaner removes a load of files all of which are 100% safe to remove and implementing your feature request would remove this.

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Hi englishmen,


I have taken those issues in to consideration and would most definately class it as an advanced feature.


However, a workaround is for the search results to work the same as the "Issues" window - even though that feature can't be run from the Recycle Bin's context menu it still can be used inside the program. Therefore it would be safer if after searching for specific filetypes, the results either have to be checked or unchecked before finally being deleted.


I used to use disk-cleaning utilities but found using "<Win>-<F>" on the keyboard for window's find utility and specifying the above filetypes to be deleted somewhat more efficient. The only exceptions would be *.bak and *.old, they are used commonly used for backing up temporary and old versions of updated files (I program myself and use these extension excessively for backing up programming files temporarily) On all systems I have worked on I have never found erasing certain filetypes to be harmful to the system at all... unless ofcourse somebody is looney enough to specify *.exe as one of them.



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