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Stop Script Warning


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Ever since I "re-activated" Windows I've been getting an error message as a web site opens up:


"Script on page may be busy or may have stopped responding. You can stop script now or continue to see if scipt will complete"


What's up with this?

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Try running Firefox safe mode. If the problem no longer occurs, its probably an extension problem.



I've uninstalled extensions/themes . . .


I checked the run time and it is as suggested . . .


I tried safe mode and that didn't help . . .


I went to tools then error console and there are NUMEROUS errors there . . .


I am at a lost on how to stop UNRESPONSIVE SCRIPT.


Does it have anything to do with JAVA because when I try to send a comment in a comment box on a chat room I get a message at bottom with JAVA SCRIPT in it and I can't send the comment without REFRESHING then trying again.


Any ideas?

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