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Recuva does not "see" my iPhone

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iPhone is not set to be "seen" in drive mode. It seems that this interferes with the ability of Recuva to "see" the iPhone. I can connect USB drives, even a digital camera, even network drives, and Recuva will see everything except the iPhone. This is very frustrating! Do you have any clues how to resolve this?

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It's basically a "feature" of the iPhone. Apple, at this time, does not want the iPhone to be used in "drive" mode where you connect it via USB and see it as a drive to transfer files.


Also, there is a restriction that non-Apple developed third-party software have limited or no access to Apple's core iPhone software/modules such as the picture module, etc.


Now the above statements relates to "out of the box" iPhones with official Apple iPhone firmware. If you have "jailbroken" your iPhone then that's another story...

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