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Problem with Google Chrome


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I can't replicate this issue on two machines here, can you provide more info please.

My OS is Windows Vista sp1.

The cleaning does not erase all my bookmarks: only the those added after the installation of the latest CCleaner version. And every time I add a new bookmark and then perform the cleaning, I lost it.

The attachment is the log of the last cleaning.


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Just a thought, Mr.G,


immanuel1789 seems to be italian, and seems that CCleaner looks for the Chrome files in %localappdata%.

Perhaps the issue could affect some non-english localized Windows versions? (this could explain why it

doesn't surface on your test machines)


I wrote some messages on the forum about the different Environment Variables, sometime ago:

Forum Link


Note: On my Windows XP SP3 (italian localized) typing %localappdata% in Start>Run can't open any folder (file not found)


Note2: Actually don't have Google Chrome installed (hating it :P ), but if you think this could

be of any help, i will install, just for test purposes. :)

max_sig.gif Guide in italiano per CCleaner - Recuva - Defraggler - Speccy

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There's a problem with the cleaning of Chrome's cache. Every time I do the cleaning, it erases every new bookmark added


I'm having the same problem, and I'm in the US. On XP SP3. Also, several websites are not showing up correctly in Chrome since I downloaded the latest version of CCleaner.

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