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38% then doesnt get any fruther


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im trying to scan for my lost photos and i keep getting to 38% its been there now for over an hour, and it doesnt get any fruther, no error messages pop up. i am wondering if there is something i can do differently or something i need to do before starting the scan.

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I get the same thing when I try.. Trying to recover music from a partially formatted drive. I have the settings searching a formatted drive.. Has been running for a few hours and it is stuck at 27%... Has found 40,000 files.

It would be nice if I hit cancel and the files it has found still showed up. Id be happy with recovering those.


Any ideas?

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I'm having a similar problem. Using Deep Scan Recuva scans till 23% and then nothing. I read about people having success with Deep Scan when Recuva was running for 24 hours. But the partition I'm scanning is 45GB only. I suppose I could leave it running over night to see what will happen.


Attached is the log.


I hope someone of the developers could do something or at least give us some explanation of what might be causing this. :)


EDIT: After a couple of hours, it finished. Though if you see in the log there is a huge space in processing time. What is causing this?



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