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Add/Remove programmes prob

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Ok i firstly hi all and thnx for clicking on here to help me. This is the best way i could describe what happened as i dont really no too much about comps :blink:



A few days ago i was going through this programme removing old programmes i dont use, it all worked fine. There was another game that wasnt on the list and had no unistall option..so i just deleted it. This f***ed up my comp as i could no longer hold down CTRL and select multiple files, or press CTRL A and all files be selected. I found this very odd and could only link it to the removal of the games, since i had done nothing priory to removal and all was working fine. So i did a system restore and all the games come back. The problem of multiple selection was cured.


Now however, when i go to my add/remove programmes programme, and click remove an old game i have (one that i removed before with no probs), it comes up Setup.exe has encountered a problem and must close.


I then tried to uninstall a diff programme, and the same thing happens. Only this time an error says an installation support file could not be installed.


Finally there is another programme that tells me the uninstall file does not exist so cant remove it. Yet it is there coz i have seen it.


I have managed to remove other programmes in the mean time, and some were from the same drives. These certain programmes however are giving me a probelm.


I dont mean to be rude as i appreciate ur time in reading and hopefully helping, but i dont know any computer jurgen so if u could keep it simple and not use crazy big/complicated words. lol sorry.

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Try to reinstall over what's already there. Now you may ask why do that. What that does is recreate the uninstall files that may be needed, such as uninst.log, and so forth. This let's you safely uninstall again. ;)

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