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hello. can anyone help with this prob i am having:


when i power on my desktop, i get a black screen. then i have to use the "cntrl - alt - del" method to re-start , then it brings me to a screen that reads "windows failed to start because of a recent hardware or software change.......... blah , blah , blah, then it says to fix the problem, i must "repair windows" with the boot disk , or i have the "repair windows" option already in my computer. well, i was on the phone with my "tech" guy for 2 hours and we both found out that i have neither!!! he recommended that i use "CCleaner" because it might be a start-up file problem. so, my question is, how do i set "CCleaner" to find and fix the problem?? by the way, after 2-3 tries on booting the system, after that it works beautifully all day!! it's just the 1st boot-up of the day that i have trouble with.


my computer specs are:


Rapter Desktop PC w/ Vista Home Premium 64-bit

6GB of RAM

Intel E8600 Dual Core CPU 3.33GHZ Processor

NVIDIA GTX 280 Video Card with 1GB of RAM




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He must mean by going into Tools> Startup > and then deleting something that's causing a problem. However, that is to delete/disable entries that programs have put there. Ask your "tech guy" what he means exactly.


Or, he means use the Registry Cleaner. However, it is not smart to just remove everything that it finds. Ask him what he meant and then get back to us.




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