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Google Chrome (BETA)


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I haven't tried it(I uninstalled chrome in about 20min) but I just heard that it can make web apps like google mail, google docs, ect. offline programs(the same idea as google gears). If I used those services then I would maybe use it just for that.

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Microsoft and Google Give The Browser a Rewrite


By Rob Pegoraro

Thursday, September 11, 2008; Page D03


Your Web browser is probably the most important program on your computer, and it's now getting the competition it deserves.




Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 ( http://microsoft.com/ie) and Google Chrome ( http://google.com/chrome) each show thoughtful attention to the ways busy people who don't read manuals try to read the Web.


Both browsers are free downloads for Microsoft's Windows XP or Vista, though Google says it's working on Mac and Linux versions of Chrome.


IE 8 looks like the disappointing IE 7 Microsoft released in 2006, but it's considerably more useful. It catches up with two of Firefox's best conveniences -- the auto-complete function that takes you to recently visited pages whether you type their address or their title and the "find as you type" searching that jumps to matching text on a page as you type your query. It also adds useful tweaks of its own.


"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." - Albert Einstein

IE7Pro user

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I haven't tried it(I uninstalled chrome in about 20min)

Although I said I wasn't going to even bother trying it I did actually try it yesterday. I got rid of it completely in about 5 minutes tops because I couldn't stand it one bit.

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the new google babe only left me one question, why the hell are they making another browser while the browser room is so crowded? are the web guys so eager to test web pages in yet another one? or we found the current big 3 are not cool enough? honestly tell, i'd more like to see a google OS rather than A BROWSER! POINTLESS!!


p.s. forgot to mention safari windows version, are they gonna play a browser party??

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