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Must Run CCleaner Twice To Clean Things

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Cookies, temp files, custom folders, etc., are not being deleted unless I run CCleaner twice in a row.


I noticed this because Ad-Aware would pick up lots of cookies right after I had just run CCleaner. i thought "what the heck is going on?"


Then I remembered that EmptyTempFolders (another cleaning program) runs itself twice in a row by default.


So I tried that on CCleaner and the folders get cleared. So you may just want to have the program run twice by default, before it closes itself down (if the user has chosen that option).


FYI, I have the latest version of CCleaner (just checked to be sure) and I'm running Win98SE and IE6. I believe the previous version of CCleaner worked with one cleaning, so I think this is a new problem with the new version

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