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How often to run CCleaner?

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I have used CCleaner for awhile, but only when I feel like I need to (when doing a weekly/monthly cleanup session). I read on another post or two here that they use it several times during an internet session.


Is this preferred, needed?


Forgive my ignorance :) I do love this software, I have deleted gobs of stuff with it, and never with a bit of trouble. I am having major troubles now (alcon.a worm--I promise I will never use morpheus again!), and in the process of trying to get it all gone am trying to establish good internet habits!


Thanks so much!

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I always run this program at least once and sometimes twice a week. Actually you can run this program as often as you like as it is a safe, quick and easy program to run.


I also do a complete AV scan at least once a week with the various programs that I have.


BTW, if you haven't done so already, I would suggest that you read the excellent CCleaner instructions for this program that are pinned above.


Good luck

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Thanks papajoe :)


I did read the instructions pinned above, although he lost me at the advanced part, the "basic" part was great!


I ran CC again after I had been online awhile this morning, and was amazed at the amount of things it found to get rid of again (and at the speed this time!). 'Tis a fabulous prog!

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I personally run CCleaner every time I finish on the internet, and the last thing before shutting down the computer.


For me it is a case of getting rid of the clutter before it has a chance to build up, which results in a quicker cleaning operation as you have found.


Should we now try to sort out your worm problem?

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