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Disk labels not being displayed

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The latest version of defraggler doesn't display the names for removable drives given to them.

What it displays for each drive that is removable is the word "removable disk" with the corresponding

drive letter. Thus the word " 31/2 Floppy Drive", or "Zip Drive" or any name given to flash drives

aren't shown in defraggler.



One thing that really works in defraggler vs. other defragmentation software is that it shows

all removable disk drives i.e. floppies, zip, flash in the list and when no disk is inserted, it shows

zero bytes with the filesystem "unknown". If one tries to force a defrag on this drive, a popup

is displayed telling one it can't do it. Othe defraggers just ignore removable drives or just crash.

So defraggler does this properly... ;)

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