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Recover lost profiles

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Recuva is a great recovery program for free, but I noted & tried! the Handy Recovery (they have a free version on their website, but the newer versions recover much more files I believe) & one of the features that I love is that it has the ability to browse to a locked out user account in it's own explorer, & to recover files from locked user accounts.


What I mean is, say, Sally Jane has an installation of XP. For some reason, she forgets a password to login to her old account, etc etc, so she re-installs windows.... Horrors, I have to go fix it, but can I please get back those years of IMPORTANT documents, music, whatever that she has saved?


Trying to browse to the directory with windows results in the old profile generating a 0kb or access denied or whatever message.

Load Handy Recovery? It strips all the encryption fine, & I can recover everything they have in the old user account!


I would love if Recuva could do that! In addition, the program "explores" windows much like windows explorer, only it shows not only your regular files, but deleted files, & shows the deleted files IN the same folder they were deleted in (*ie, if you deleted from my documents/my pictures then it would show the deleted file in the folder and you can recover it)


Would be nice if recuva offered the ability to browse directories as well...


Maybe have a simple & advanced mode that allows the explorer tree or something.


Thanks for listening!

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