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Suitable for Vista?

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I've been using Defraggler for a while with XP computers.


I wondered if it was suitable for Vista as I though Vista defragged itself? :unsure:

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Yes, Vista does have a defragmenter that can be set on a schedule to defrag itself, but a tool such as Defraggler is much better with its abilities. However, many people have noticed that using Defraggler on a Vista machine causes storage space to be taken up. Last I heard it seems to have something to do with restore points, so, at the moment, the only fix is to clean out the restore points after wards, and according to this post apparently the check for errors can clean them up too (don't ask me how, ask someone else).

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I experienced that the data-backup-function of Vista isn't working properly, and maybe it has to do with Defraggler?


Vista, when running the backup for the first time, safes all personal or otherwise important data. From then on, i. e. when running Vista-Backup the second, third, fourth time and so on, it should only add the files which have either been changed or which have been created recently.


The phenomenon I noticed, however, is that Vista does no incremental backups any more, so that with every backup a very large file is created and added to the already existing original backup-file, and a lot of space is occupied on the hard disk. Instead of only saving the files that have been modified, Vista stores all the files that it stored the first time again.


I think that using Defraggler could be the cause of it, but I'm not sure about it. Did anyone make the same observation?


Thanks in advance for your help!


Best regards,


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