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Deepscan: cannot secure delete video files found


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Dear Piriform,


I think I may have found a possible bug with Deepscan, when trying to secure delete certain video file types.


1. I run Deepscan and examine the results.


2. I highlight all of the files (png, jpg, wmv, avi, etc) that are found under Deepscan, but not under normal scan (those marked with a [number]).


3. I secure delete all files, using the 1 pass method. All of the files are turned from green to red.


4. When I select the title of an image file, I see the preview is now gone and the Header tab has been turned to all Zeroes.


5. However, when I select the title of a movie file (avi, wmv, mpg), and then click the Header tab, I see all of header information is still in place, even though the file is now marked as red.


6. I noticed that although I had attempted to securely delete several GB of video files, it took only seconds to process the task. This led me to suspect the files were not being deleted properly.


7. If I run Deepscan immediately a second time, all of the same movie files I had attempted to delete (and which had been turned red in the display) are once again showing as green, recoverable files.


8. I did a test, and the video files can indeed be recovered and play perfectly after recovery.


9. It seems that none of the video file types found by Deepscan (mpg, avi, wmv) are touched by the secure delete process. However, other file types found in Deepscan (jpg, png) are securely deleted properly and these cannot be recovered.


Sorry for the length of this post. If this bug can be duplicated, could it please be remedied so video files can also be securely deleted when found by Deepscan?


With thanks for your fantastic software,




My OS: Windows Vista, 4GB RAM, 2x500 GB HD, Intel Quad Core processor Q6600 @ 2.40Ghz

Recuva Version: 1.17.339

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