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Lenovo Y510

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Howdy Everyone,

First time poster with a question about Recuva and how to deploy it. Here's the problem that lead up to this mess, my Daughter has a Lenovo Y510 and it crashed while away at her summer job. When she booted it the screen said "Cannot find Boot Sectoer", she called Lenovo Support and they said that seeing as how D drive(105 gigs) was empty she should reinstall Vista on D drive and that way she could then go into C drive and retrieve her files but>>>> by default everything you download on this laptop goes to C drive and yes it did when she reinstalled Vista and wiped out all her C drive. So I am hoping that because she has not loaded any drivers or facial recognition software back in not to much should have been written over...we can dream anyway. So back to D drive, if I put the Recuva program on a jump drive and boot into Bios and get it to boot from either the jump drive or download it to D drive and boot it from there...is this possible because now that Vista is reinstalled I dont want to boot with C drive and write over any files that may be left. Secondly has anyone else had this type of problem with Lenovo Tech's because he should have told her to repair rather than change the location of the O/S, I mean I understand the reasoning but if she did it that way I dont know if she could have gotten back into C drive without a boot sector or would have been able to retrieve anything without a rescue program, yes/no.

So if anyone has any idea's before I fire my Daughter's baby up now that she is home again, I would really appreciate it as it's been awhile since I have had to do one and could use the input.

Thanks for anyone's time.

Mark Fairweather

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Hi Mark. I'm sorry to hear about the problem with your daughters pc, and I notice you've posted the same question in another part of the forum in an effort to obtain advice.


Can I suggest that you hit the edit button on the above post, and insert a few page breaks.


Trying to read a post like that, and make sense of it is very hard work, and I should think most people would give up before they got very far into it.


Just a suggestion which may give your request for advice a better chance of a response. :)

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