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1:Why Free? 2:Useability 3:Duplication of Svcs?

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CCleaner was suggested for use on another forum and it sounds good so I'm quite interested...


But I try and be careful before adding any new software on my PC and competition between scecurity and utilities software creators seems to be keen.


I also worry about duplication of servides or features... having two programs installed... each trying to do the same thing... like Windows Firewall and Zone Alarm... for instance.


The first thing I do on a new PC is install Zone Alarm Free, turn off Windows Firewall (just bacaues I know ZA from prior usage) and then install AVG Free.


ZA lets me know any time any program is trying to access the net and let's me know when something on the net is attempting to access my PC... I like that.



I always wonder about Free programs that are not adware (PDF995 for instance)... unless they give you the free version and occasionally nag you to upgrade to the paid version...


(I'm willing to live with AVG Free and ZA Free occasional nagging... and the popup ad on the occasional times I need to use PDF995 are fine with me... in fact I had rather have an advertiser pay for my service than me... like on radio and tv :)


So is CCleaner paid for by...

a - An occasional 3rd party ad or...

b - By an occasional nag by the developer or what?

c - Or, the deal breaker... by putting spyware on my PC?

And, are their any credible supporters? Kim Komando? Recent issue of PC Mag or other?


Question 2:

I've tried registry cleaners before and they come back with a...

- Here is something that we think shouldn't be in your registry...

- but you have to decide to take it out...

- and by the way if you take it out something else may no longer work...

- so do you want to take the chance or not? Click Remove or Continue.

And, how would one know what to do unless they were an expert??

Are users faced with this decision everytime they run CCleaner?


Question 3:

Does CCleaner duplicate any services already provided by Windows, Zone Alarm, or AVG?

Does it duplicate any services with Spybot S&D? (I'm considering this app as well)


I could just install CCleaner and try it but once some software gets on your machine... and in your registry... removing it never really seems to get rid of it all... so I'm just trying to be careful.


I really am very interested in finding a good reliable registry monitoring and cleaning program... so I look forward to all comments.


Finally, I heard Spybot will alert you everytime a program attempts to modify the registry... is that true? Or is that something CCleaner does? Or any other program?


Thanks for any help!

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Hello Mel and welcome to the forum.


How about trying the CCleaner slim version, no toolbars etc. Run with the default settings until you feel more comfortable with the sofware.




and have a read here on general usage




Any more questions that arise from the usage of CCleaner, just let us know.

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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It's good to see a person that takes their time researching programs!


To answer your questions:

How is it paid for?

-Small adds on the website/forums (I think, our company firewall blocks most ads.)

-Yahoo Toolbar as an optional install with the Full installer (Download the Slim or Portable from here to not have it)

-Paypal donations


Notable Supporters? I can't think on any but check these:

List on CCleaner homepage.

Google search "CCleaner Review"


Registry Cleaner?

CCleaner's Registry cleaner is not as risky as most others. CCleaner generally only shows entries that are safe to remove, and by default it asks the user to backup the entries before removal. The user then can choose to fix all issues at once, or go through each entry one-by-one. When goning one-by-one CCleaner displays the Type Of Issue (ex. unused file extension), the Location (software\blah\blah), Potential reason for its creation (being left behind after uninstalling software), Suggested action to take (Delete it).


Duplicate Services?

Nope, CCleaner is one .exe (also an .ini if you tell it to in Options>Advanced>Save all settings to INI)

It is only run when you run it (Start menu shortcut, recycle bin right-click option).


CCleaner does NOT monitor your registry. I think Spybot does, but I'm not 100% sure.



In my opinion, CCleaner is an essential tool for any Windows PC. Especially with TwistedMetal's WinApp2.ini

I have recommended it to scores of people and not a single one has had problems (except when they forget to mark a cookie to save :lol:).

They call them fingers, but I've never seen them fing, or ger. WOAH there they go!!!!!!!


How to use CCleaner on a Flash Drive (pre v2.0)

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