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"Cleaning" AVG Apps?

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Is it OK to let CCleaner "clean" AVG and/or Grisoft apps?

I have been letting CCleaner clean it since day 1.

No problems here. WinXP Pro Sp2 and SP3.

AVG 7.5

:) davey

P.S. Also been CCleaning Avast 4 anti-virus with it also.

To get it to clean AVG 7.5 and AVG 8.0 and Avast 4 you need to get the winapp2. ini file and unzip it in your C:\Program Files\CCleaner folder .

Get the winapp2.ini from here at the bottom of the first post.


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It's safe to allow CCleaner to clean AVG. It's also safe to cleanse AntiVir too!


At one point someone asked pretty much the same question, and someone else responded with a link to a thread on the AVG Free Forums where one of their mods had stated to use CCleaner to cleanup after AVG's updates, etc.


Before the public release of CCleaner I was cleaning up after AVG with a batch file for years, and never broken anything.

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