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Plz help me

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I have a problem when I copy ccsetup210.exe from the computer in my usb flash drive. The problem is that the file that I copied in usb flash drive I can not install it. When I try to install it it show me this message "Error launching installer", but the file in the computer can install it normally.I download the CCleaner from a internet cafe because I do not have internet in my home. Can any one help me?


Sorry for my english

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So you mean, that you can't run it from the flash drive? Just copy the installer file to hard drive and run then.

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I have try but dosent work

Use CCleaner Portable: http://www.CCleaner.com/download/builds/downloading-portable


CCleaner Portable description

The normal CCleaner program, but it doesn't require installing

To install CCleaner Portable extract the ZIP file to a folder of your choice on a flash drive or burn the files to a CD or DVD.


Start the CCleaner by double-clicking on portable.exe instead of CCleaner.exe and use CCleaner normally.

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I use that and it works well.


I have WinPatrol on the same Flash drive so that I can install it before I leave.

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