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So I sat here just surfing the net with my 1 year old boy on my lap and came across these Stickers icons, and the little one just started to laugh and laugh.

So I decided to make a desktop with these "funny" icons, and he couldnt stop looking at my desk hehe.

It was pretty funny...so if you have a young one, let him take a look at my desk lol.



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My new laptop: Vista Ultimate clean.



And with Folding@Home GPU client.





Thanks your post reminded me to reinstall Folding@Home.

The internet - Where men are men, women are men and children are FBI agents.

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Just a regular old picture of me, sitting by the fire with a suptous feast, hoping Ivana Baquero will be foolish enough to take from my feast so I may eat her.



Of course, this is The Pale Man, from my favoirte movie EVER (mostly because Ivana Baquero is my idol and Guillermo del Toro directed it :?)




Theres the scene hes in :)

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Have a good read here:


Using Image Hosting sites:


And download this amazing screenshot capture program.


Faststone Image Capture (Last freeware version).


This a very powerful utility, with a lot of features. If you need any help after looking at this stuff, just ask.


Make sure you download from the second link, not the home one. That's a shareware version.

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