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Explorer Style view options and date filtering


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I would like to congratulate the developers on another excellent product. I'm part way through trying to recover data from a hard disk that crashed, losing the partition table and boot sector. I have already successfuly recovered some files but still have along way to go. Part of the problem is identifying files not included in my last backup. From this experience, I would like to offer some suggestions to further improve this excellent product.


Would it be possible to have an explorer style view in the left hand detail window that offers the choice of displaying the same view options as within explorer - e.g detail view with the ability to read the date modifed. This would make it much easier to find and recover only the files that have beenlost since the last successful backup. I know that the Info view in the right hand pane can give the date modified, but this is only one file at a time, and so it is a very time consuming process to identify all files modifed after a certain date.


In addition, it would be useful to have a filter option for the date modifed, to only display files after a certain modifed date.

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