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dfsetup102.rar broken?

Josh D.

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hmm, downloads as an exe in Opera 9.27 but not in Opera 9.51


What version of Opera are you using?

Hi Josh,

I am not an Opera user but is your downloader in 9.51 the same vers etc as the one you use in 9.27 ?

Does Hazel use the same downloader as you?

Just a thought.

:) davey

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Josh I don't use a downloader by the way.


Does this only happen with downloading defraggler or does it happen with other downloads being downloaded as .rar files?


When you click to download and you see the box asking where you want to save it does it say that it is an .exe then?


What happens if you download directly to your desktop?


Also have you considered that it may be a quirk for your system with opera 9.51, look in tool preferences, advanced, downloads, and see if anything strikes you about the file types.


Support contact




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