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Vista Help!


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Hey everyone, finally made the switch to Vista and so far have had awful luck.


For some reason everything I try to download is always a corrupt file. It won't let me extract anything because it says the files bad.

I've used another computer to get some programs on and I can use the exact same website download it copy it to my flash drive

install it and it works great. I've tested a few things with security settings and I made sure I got all the updates.


Still no luck corrupt files on everything and can't extract. I'm making sure to get the Vista 64 Bit files every time but I have no idea what wrong. All my drivers are installed also. If I get any error messages I'll post them but for now that's all I've got to go on.


If anyone can help it would be great. THANKS!

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Interesting thing I just found. I've been trying for bit now to install Spybot. First try gave me an error on i forget what file. Re download gives me a different file. Finally download it again and it installs fine! Does this mean that I'm just getting really really unlucky with my downloads or could there be something else. This doesn't make much sense because I used the same mirror every time of the download so how could the file change?


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Since you're dealing with possible "file corruption" you should probably run something like MemTest86+ to verify that the system RAM isn't faulty or damaged. Note that you can make a bootable CD-RW or CD-R version of MemTest86+ on a computer that doesn't corrupt the downloads.


I had my first awful experience with Vista last night when installing some software on a friends computer, and it has totally enforced all the bad comments about it online, so now I'm just another person that has a complete utter loathing of that OS.

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This may sound silly, especially since I use XP and not Vista but is your computer a 64 bit computer? I noticed you said you always try for Vista's 64 bit downloads but if you don't have a 64 bit computer I think you're going to get some weird results. Good luck!!

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