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ccleaner prob w/ adaware/norton remembering update

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CCleaner is a great program. However, after I downloaded the most recent version and ran it, I notices that adaware and norton would no longer remember that I had recently updated. The update memory has been erased. This is not a huge deal, I just ignore the messages and tell norton not to remind me for another week... but it is a little annoying. Any fixes to:


a) recall or download the files that have been deleted that tell these programs when it was last updated.


B) to have CCleaner not be this aggressive with these two programs in the future.


Thanks for any and all responses.

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This is not a CCleaner issue. Your license file is broken.

You need to contact Symantec support.


Start here:


This allows you examine what exactly the problem is called using Symantec's verbiage, so they can better assist you if you contact them.


Contact Symantec:


Fill out this form [using "Norton Antivirus 2005" as your product], submit, and then click on Subscription Services.


You will be able to them see the coveted email contact form. Someone from Symantec, within a few days usually, will email you back with a canned speech, most likely. Email a frustrated and angry reply, threatening to never buy their products agian, yadda yadda. After one or two email exhanges, you will probably earn your option to get your money back for the last product you purchased or subscription you received, or they may even generate you a new .livesubscribe file (or whatever file name it is on your exact version/iteration of "norton".)


This Tuesday when I go to work, I'll grab the COVETED PHONE NUMBERS for 2 ways to contact a live human being at Symantec! :P

Lemme know if you need the phone numbers (but please do try all of the above first).

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