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Only delete fills older then ? in Custom Folders


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Lately I've been using Reg seeker as my registry cleaner and every time it cleans invalid registry entries it creates a backup which is good but after some time the backup registry files build up. I have added the backup folder to CCleaner's "Custom Folders" but clearly I do want the registry backups for a while(a couple of days or so)after which I will remove them but obviously CCleaner just empties the folder every time I run CCleaner. So I'm thinking may be there should be another column next to the address of the folder which you have chosen to clean with a drop down box with some dates i.e. 24 Hours, 48 Hours, 72 Hours etc. you then select one & Cleaner will only remove files that are older then the selected date.

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Having CCleaner clean the RegSeeker backups could very easily spell catastrophe for your system, especially if you don't carefully look at the backups! In RegSeeker you can right click a backup it lists and delete it from within the program.

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Thanks for the reply Andavari but I am aware you can delete backups from within regseeker I'm also aware you pc will go puff if you are not careful with the registry but the point of CCleaner is that it deletes a load of rubbish with a simple click of a button so you do not need to go around the your pc and registry and delete a load of stuff. I'm also just mentioning regseeker as an example, I'm assuming you are aware of the "Only delete file in windows temp folder older then 48 hours" tick box in CCleaner option what I want it that but also the option of 24 hours, 72 hours etc for custom folders. So if you select for a custom folder to be cleaned you can also select for the contents to be cleaned only if they are older then a set date.

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