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Defrag of big video file


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Windows XP Pro.

File dn008.0318.mp4 had been downloaded from democracynow.com by Miro.exe.


451,294 KB, about 6,264 fragments.


Windows defrag couldn't defrag it (or severals other video files.) Piniform defraggler showed 3 fragments after defragging it, but the message window said:


"defrag complete, no files were defraggmented."


Analysis confirmed file as having 3 fragments. The file played correctly in Quicktime media player and other players.


Please help me understand:


Q1 - How can a file become so fragmented?


Q2 - Why can windows not defrag it but Piniform Defraggler can defrag it?


Q3 - Why does Defraggler say that no files were defraggmented?


Information will be appreciated,

Stan Hilliard

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