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I've finally switched to MOZILLA FIREFOX. Is Thunderbird recommended for e-mails over Outlook Express? And what is the benefit of Thunderbird?

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Mozilla Firefox as you experienced yourself is a great browser.

Outlook Express is well known to be vulnerable to many security issues.

Mozilla Firebird is great, try it and you will love it. One benefit is that its much more secure.

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In addition to all the rest.


OE's mail storage gets corrupted to easily.

Also if your users don't cleanup their sent items they can hit the limit and then they won' t be able to send anymore.


Thunderbird is just in another league...

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wait till 1.1 comes out. I use the nightlys and there is some nice new things coming soon.

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What's New For Testing in Alpha 1



    * Phishing Detector --> Examines the contents of an e-mail message and warns you with a status bar along the top of the message if Thunderbird thinks this message is a phishing attack.

    * Spell As You Type for Mail Compose. (Enabled by Default)

    * Support for deleting and stripping attachments from e-mail.

    * Improved RSS Support --> Including podcasting, a new feed subscription UI, OPML import (export will be added in Alpha 2)

    * Re-designed Options Dialog

    * Improved UI under Account Settings for managing multiple SMTP accounts. If you have an account with multiple identities, you can even configure an SMTP server for each identity.

    * An Improved Spell Check Engine

    * Auto Save As Draft for mail composition.

    * Advanced hackers now have direct access to about:config for pref hacking (Tools / Options / Advanced / Config Editor)

    * Mailing lists in the address book now use LDAP during autocomplete if you are using LDAP.

    * Offline Improvements

    * Ability to have global inbox filters

    * Ability to copy local folders to imap servers

    * TLS Support for POP3

    * Support for Network timeouts for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP

    * Search and Filter Improvements (including the ability to create views or search/filter on flagged messages).

    * Many bug fixes and other improvements.


I just did a cut and paste of what's new from the forums of thunderbird. But I can tell you this I like the global inbox filters the most so far. An example of how this works is having multi able email accounts and it running the filters on all of them without you having to do anything. Great for killing spam on several accounts super fast. I have mine set to kill the spam to the spam folder and mark them read. I also like the inline spell checker. Just like in a word processor when you type a word hit the space and if it's spelled wrong you get the red line under it. Right click on it and it gives you a list of words it thinks your trying to spell. Very much improved for the lousy spellers like myself. It's also faster overall. As you can see above there is lots of other things that have been added or improved, but I don't use most of them near as much.

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