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Defraggler v1.02 RC2

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Hot on the heels of the first release candidate of Defraggler, comes the second. We've improved various aspects based on user feedback and our own in depth tests. What are you waiting for? Download it now! :)


Defraggler v1.02.078 RC2


  • Removed dialog prompts for actions.
  • Improved GUI button placement.
  • Fixed minor algorithm bugs.
  • Minor UI tweaks.



Download now from www.defraggler.com


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Nope, still don't like it. It lost its crispy coolness and now looks more like any other tool on the market. Sorry.


If you would remove the fairy useless cake diagram from 'Properties' the GUI would tighten up quite a bit.

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RC2 "feels" better (subjectively speaking). The added buttons on the File List tab are a notable improvement - now its clear what one is doing with respect to files. I like the Defrag Folder and Defrag File options. From a performance perspective, I would really like to see options for moving all folders to the front of the drive (ala JKDefrag et al) and for respecting "layout.ini".... :rolleyes:


The opening screen "Defrag" button still leaves one wondering in what context the "Defrag" would be conducted. Perhaps adding additional button text such as - "Defrag Drive" or "Defrag Partition" (or "Defrag X:" i.e. the currently selected partition) - would help define in what context one is about to conduct a defrag (similar to your "Defrag Checked" button text). In fact it would be convenient to have buttons for both....(?)


The overall interface still seems a jusssst a bit too busy (not to be critical....just a sense or an initial impression when opening the program). My "sense" is that the menu bar, drive list, drive map, drive tab, file tab, and buttons "seem" to (almost) create a bit of visual confusion...but, then again, I am not exactly sure what I would change either...and I've even suggested some additional items... :P (at self)


It might be quite "spiffy" to replace both the drive Properties and drive map with a circular drive map ala UltimateDefrag (~say placed in your "Properties" box???).....that would give one a real feel for where files are being placed on the drive platter. In fact, if the partition structure on the drive platter was highlighted that would be an even better representation than anybody (?) else offers to date.


And, THANKS, for removing the "Are you sure" dialogs.... B)



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I keep up my previous suggestion. 'Defrag Drive' instead of 'Defrag' on the first tab could help to understand

the difference between defrag drive and defrag files. Leaving it as is, in my opinion most users

will press the first available 'Defrag' button when the analysis is complete, by... instinct. ;)


Edit: Notice that in previous versions the 'Defrag' buttow was grayed and inactive,

forcing the users to take some actions (check or highlight some or all files) before use it.



Indecent idea:

What about to make 'File List' the first tab, opened by default?





Edit 2:


Moreover, the 'Pause' and 'Stop' buttons on the main window are meaningless when the File List tab is

in foreground, since the active and working 'Pause' and 'Stop' buttons, in this scenario, are the ones

on the Defrag Progress dialog box itself.

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or at least, add the option to have file list as the first tab, opened by default.


then again, remove the tabs. they're useless. i like the program and it feels quite well in RC2, but the gui is very bad designed, much too much unused spaces here and there, much too much gui-interfacing needed to get to the infos you want, and do the stuff you want.


i've shown an idea of a simple paint.net rework of the old gui to support widescreen displays more, and removed much unused space as well. this is in the other thread about RC2.

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