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Avi file extention corrupt after using CCleaner registry cleaner

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Suddenly and without warning, my .avi file extentions in windows xp have become broken. I think this was related to CCleaner's registry cleaning.


I tried going to Tools->Folder Options->File Types and i found that the .avi file extention doesn't exist. I tried to add it by clicking New... and typing in AVI. it stays on the menu until i close it, and when i reopen the File Types menu, there is no more AVI extention! What is going on here? Is there anyway to make the AVI extention permanent in the File Types menu? I also cannot change the icon which sucks, it defaults to the windows media player icon.


Why is this happening? If it was really just a registry cleaning problem, why can't i recreate the .avi file extention? I can open .avi files on double click only during that session of windows, but i still cant change the icon at all!



Thanks for your help!

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greetings friends. i was able to fix my problem with a little twist on the normal way of doing things.


i want to tools, folder options, then file types.


i clicked new, and for the file extention name i typed avi


this had all been tried before and failed, but here is what i did differently. i clicked on Advanced and then in associated file type, i scrolled down to avi which existed akwardly, just the way i typed it in all lower case letters while the other extentions were uppercase or dramatically spelled out.


i hit OK and changed the icon back to what i wanted it to be, then restarted my computer.


success, the files now carry the icon i wanted and they open on double click after a restart.

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