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.lnk files

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What are .lnk files?



Hi again VLM,

.lnk files are "shortcuts".

I would suggest that you use the Default settings in CCleaner for awhile until you have time to learn these new terms as related to Windows knowledge and CCleaner use.

Do not use the Registry issues feature or the Tools feature until you learn more.

You do need to use Options > Cookies and learn to "keep the "cookies" for your favorite websites".

CCleaner is sometimes so easy to use that users forget that "cleaning" is a "serious task" not like sending an E-mail.

You might find this link helpful to start off. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=105208

Best wishes,

:) davey

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Welcome to Piriform VLM.

What are .lnk files?

As Davey says *.lnk files are short-cuts to programs or what ever. You can't see the file extension because thats how Windows masks them. Its just the same as your favorites these are *.url files but you won't see the files extension.


Do you have a problem with these? ;)



Windows XP 2002 SP3

IE 7.0




Rorshach112 is the best

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