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CCleaner dont delete my adobe flash player cookies

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i installed CCleaner but CCleaner dont delete adobe flash player cookies ? why?


Adobe Flash "cookies" will not be deleted unless the Adobe Flash Player is checked and shows on the Application tab in the Cleaner list of options. If checked it will be cleaned,if not checked,it will not be cleaned.

If it still does not work properly,report back here to this thread.

:) davey

http://www.ccleanerbeginnersguide.com/ CCleaner Beginner's Guide.

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i cannot check adobe flash player because there is no "adobe flash player name" on Application List of CCleaner

This means that CCleaner is not finding Adobe Flash Player as an Application and no cleaning will be done.

If this problem just started with this version of CCleaner there maybe a "bug" in the new version.

Try the prior version first and let us know what happens.


If the prior version of CCleaner does not show Adobe Flash Player then the Adobe Flash Player has been broken somehow.

You may need to re-install Adobe Flash Player and then see if CCleaner recognizes it and shows it on the Application list.

Good luck,

:) davey


P.S. There may be one other complication if you use SpywareBlaster.

SpywareBlaster has a Tools feature that allows users to "kill" Macromedia Flash.Macromedia Flash and Adobe Flash Player are the same product now owned by Adobe.

If you use Macromedia Flash/Adobe Flash Player you must not use the option in SpywareBlaster to "kill" Macromedia Flash.

Do you use SpywareBlaster ?

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