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"Add registry string to exclude"

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I'd like to see an extra option in the right-click menu to add a registry string found in the registry search to the exclude list found under options. There are certain strings I don't want to delete, and I'd like to be sure I won't delete them by accident.

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I agree. I keep expecting that option to be there in every new release, but it never comes.


Or, when adding a registry key to exclude, have it automatically recognized when the format

is a copy and paste from the Registry's right-click command, "Copy Key Name". For example,

after a registry scan, I right-click a result and select "Open in regedit..." then I right-click the

key that is opened and "Copy Key Name". Then I paste that into CCleaner's "Exclude" page

button, "Add Registry".


Even better would be a right-click command to exclude, right in the results window.


Thank you.

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