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Norton Antivirus 2006 Beta


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Norton Antivirus 2006 is codenamed Chaka ET1 (enhanced testing) build 30a. This information is top secret and has not been released to anyone yet.


Chaka ET1, build 30a is now available for testing on the ?Chaka Builds? page. Chaka ET1 is a pre-Beta build, and there may be a few issues with the product during this stage of testing. Installing this build will remove previous versions of Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. If you do not have the CD of your licensed copy of these products, do not install this build. This build will expire when ET1 testing is complete.


This is a trial version of Norton Antivirus 2006 (Chaka) which means there is an expiration date!

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They release a new version every year for what I see as multiple reasons:

* Mo Money! People whom don't know any better will open their wallets and buy it because they think their system will be at risk.

* To actually fix bugs from a prior version by rewritting the program in part, or whole. Too bad this introduces some bugs as well.

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