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How about adding these features to CCleaner?

Mr. E

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I was thinking how great it would be if it was possible to add programs and Reg" or "File" key entries to the "winapp2.ini" file through CCleaner itself. You could just right mouse click on Applications, Internet, Multimedia, etc.. and a context menu or edit window would appear, allowing you to add a program to the list and/or add an another "Reg" or "File" key entry to a program already on the list. Also, how about having the ability to turn on or off some "Reg" or "File" key entries to programs on the list? You could click on a desired program and a tree list would expand with all the "Reg" or "File" key entries with the option to add or remove a checkmark to turn that key on or off. Would it be possible to add these features? What do you think?

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