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Possible Clue to Some of the Problems Being Reported


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This is a follow-up to two earlier postings.


In summary, I have run Defraggler on about eight different machines (some of which I did while at the machines and some of which I did while accessing the machines from a remote location) and it has run just fine in every case. On a ninth machine belonging to a friend I have also tried running Defraggler remotely and found that the program gets hung up on the following seven files, and cannot defrag them. I tried transferring these files to my own machine to see if I would have the same problem and, to my suprise, not one of these files would transfer (even though I can transfer any other file of my choosing). I also have no problem defragging those of the follwing files that I do have on my own machine.


Although I could be entirely wrong, I suspect that I cannot transfer these files to my machine because they are in some way damaged, which may also explain why Degraggler cannot defrag them.


So I submit this information for whatever it may be worth to the developer(s) of this very fine program.


2.2 MB of Fragmented Files, 7 Fragmented Files, 18 Total Fragments



RUSTY.WM_ 3 104596 C:\WINDOWS\I386\

SAM.SP_ 5 445912 C:\WINDOWS\I386\

SAPI.DL_ 2 259779 C:\WINDOWS\I386\

SQLOLEDB.DL_ 2 216249 C:\WINDOWS\I386\

XPTHT41D.JP_ 2 100051 C:\WINDOWS\I386\

jit.dll 2 171280 C:\WINDOWS\system32\


Mitch in Yonkers, NY, USA

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