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First and foremost, let me say that I am a big fan of Piriform, i am a happy user of CCleaner and defraggler. Today I found out Recuva is also available. So i immediatly went ahead and installed it. Unfortunately I am having some problems with the software. I have tried out three seperate sessions of recovering one or numerous files. This part is succelfull, not problems whatsoever. But then when I actually want to make use of the files it goes wrong.


Let's say when i recover a .jpg, i open it my windows image program thingy says there is no example available.

When I recover and .avi and want to watch it the application(for me GOM player) opens it, but the immediatly shuts down; this also goes for wmp, real player and jet audio.

When I have a .rar file winrar gives me an error saying that it cannot open the compressed files


And so on, nothing works after I have retrieved it.


Does someone know why this is or how this can be solved? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks and have a good day!

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Welcome to Piriform jackedface.

Let's say when i recover a .jpg, i open it my windows image program thingy says there is no example available.

There was a problem which was report on recovering jpg files. It would recover them but they would have zero bytes in the file size. This problem was cured with the next version and that was two or three versions ago.


I've just put a jpg file on a flash drive then deleted it and use Recuva to find deleted file on the flash drive. It found the file and it recovered it perfectly. Now Recuva states in the State section the condition of the file, Excellent, Unrecoverable, Poor, Very Poor so that will give you some idea on its chances. ;)



Windows XP 2002 SP3

IE 7.0




Rorshach112 is the best

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